IMDEA Energy Institute

The group´s research focuses on advanced materials, reactors and viability studies for sustainable fuel production and energy storage. One of the main priority lines is the fabrication of multifunctional catalysts for the synthesis of solar fuels via CO2 photoreduction and alcohol reforming. Research in the group also specialises on the characterisation of materials under reaction conditions and the use of computational tools and LCA. The research team has experience participating and managing research projects, having been involved in more than 20 national and international projects with academic and industrial partners. In the last 5 years, the group has published more than 40 research articles and 10 book chapters. The team is led by Dr. De la Peña O´Shea and consists of 3 senior investigators, 5 postdoctoral researchers and 6 PhD students.

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FOTOFUEL reúne de partida a un consorcio multidisciplinar que cuenta con más de 100 investigadores pertenecientes a 10 instituciones de referencia a nivel internacional en la producción de combustibles solares, entre las que se cuentan 2 ICTS. La red agrupa a jóvenes investigadores y científicos de reconocido prestigio con amplia experiencia en el campo y con un elevado número de colaboraciones con grupos de investigación y empresas tanto nacionales como internacionales.